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Favorite Part of the Mind Tripping Show

We love getting feedback on the show. Here is just a sample of the comments guests wrote after the show. Some of our favorites are: “The lying part. it was fun to lie to someone other than my parents”. – Our show is for teenagers and above so this was obviously from a teenager. What […]


Don’t Fret About What You Don’t See

“Don’t let it irk you if you don’t see a particular phenomenon, says vision scientist Michael Bach.  For many illusions, there’s a percentage of people with perfectly normal vision who just don’t get it, Bach explains, often for reasons currently unknown. Look again at the image. It’s the overlapping of the circular lines that creates […]


Christian & Katalina win National Award

Christian & Katalina traveled to Pittsburgh for the National Convention for the Society of American Magicians.  They were thrilled to be the recipients of the 2011 Milbourne Christopher Foundation Award in Mentalism for Outstanding Performance and Contribution to the Art.  Christian has written a critically acclaimed book on Mentalism, he also writes a column in […]