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Mind Trip: Memory Quirks

We talk about our memories in The Mind Tripping Show, so we thought you would enjoy these 2 bizarre quirks of our memories: Have you ever found yourself in a room and could not remember why you were there? You are not alone. It has happened to most of us and no you...

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Future Tech: Rats Save Lives

Could those animals we fear entering our house be saving lives? The answer is yes. Gambian rats have been saving the lives of many people. They are being trained to find landmines in Cambodia, Thailand, Angola and Mozambique, thus saving many lives. In 2013 alone,...

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Life Hack: Nice Refreshing Cold Beverage

Don’t you hate when you come home and you want a cold beverage but there are none in the refrigerator?  Here’s a quick way to go from tepid disappointment to icy-cold happiness. Wet down a paper towel and wrap it around your beverage. Stick the can or bottle in the...

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Brain Quirk: Pardeidolia or Seeing Faces

Do you see an image of Jesus in this potato chip?  If you do see an image, you are experiencing pareidolia:a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus (an image or a sound) by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. (Wikipedia) But...

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Monday Morning Motivation

Everyone hates Monday.  They are the start of another work week.  You start thinking about deadlines, E-mails, calls to return, and projects to finish. You are already defeated before you begin! There is a way to embrace the week with excitement.  It is a...

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Fish Skin for Burn Victims

Scientists in Brazil have found a useful way to help treat 2nd or 3rd degree burn patients using fish skin.  They have started using sterilized skin from the tilapia fish.  The tilapia fish is a fresh water fish that happens to be quite abundant in Brazil. (Business...

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