Christian & Katalina traveled to Pittsburgh for the National Convention for the Society of American Magicians.  They were thrilled to be the recipients of the 2011 Milbourne Christopher Foundation Award in Mentalism for Outstanding Performance and Contribution to the Art.  Christian has written a critically acclaimed book on Mentalism, he also writes a column in a trade magazine for professional magicians, and they both have lectured across the country on the performance of mentalism.

They were also recognized for their wonderful show, Mind Tripping.  This sell-out show toured the country for 4 years and is currently playing at the Downtown Indianapolis Hilton Hotel and Suites.  They are the number one Husband and Wife Comedy Mind Reading show in the nation.  They have performed on Cruise Ships, Colleges, and recently played at the prestigious Friar’s Club in New York City.


After the presentation, Christian and Katalina wowed the audience with a portion of their act.  The room was elegant and the audience electric as they played with magicians from around the country.

Also during the 4 day convention, Christian & Katalina gave a highly successful talk about performing mentalism all over the world in various venues.

After spending many days conferring with some of the top professional magicians in North America, Christian and Katalina made their way back to their home in Indianapolis where they continue to mystify audiences with their fantastic show.