Cari Nierenberg, a reporter for ABC News Medical Unit, may have coined the perfect definition of an Guest having funoptical illusion:  “When Your Brain Can’t Believe Your Eyes”.

Everything that enters the senses, after all, needs to be interpreted through the brain — and these interpretations occasionally go wrong, Nierenberg adds.

“Seeing stars” after a hard blow to the head? That’s not just a comic book character thing.  What actually transpires is that the mechanical stimulation of the neurons in the eye that come from the blow are misinterpreted as light by the brain.  While no light enters the eye when you hit your head, your visual system perceives it that way.

In a study, people rated hot chocolate as having a more “chocolaty” flavor when served in an orange or cream-colored cup. Others rated strawberry mousse as tasting sweeter if it was served on a white plate versus a black one.  It was their eyes that caused the food to taste different, not the food itself.

Christian and Katalina love playing with your perceptions at the Mind Tripping Show.  Audience members seeking different and exciting entertainment in Indianapolis are astonished when entertainers Christian and Katalina seem to have literally “read their minds”.  “The most fun for us is to watch the audience when the moment of seeing the impossible has just hit them,” says Katalina. “We know they will be talking about it long after the show is over.”

“Christian had promised that there would be a point in the show where your mind will be thoroughly blown and reality would literally melt away,” one gentleman from Buffalo recalls. “And  it did,” he reported. “We left completely blown away.”

Mind-reading?  Body language fluency? Illusion? Only our Mind Tripping entertainers can say for sure…..

– by Opti of the Mind Tripping Show blog team