Having performed thousands of shows in every possible venue, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to share our expertise and knowledge with you. Choosing the right entertainment is critical to the success of any event. We hope this helps you have a fabulously successful event!
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Tips for Hiring an Entertainer
Hiring an entertainer will be the most important task that you have for your event! I know this sounds crazy, but it is true. People remember the entertainment long after the event is over, but they rarely remember the food or the location. Why? Because good entertainment touches people’s emotions; it leaves them with a feeling of having experienced something special. But you must get the right entertainment for your event. Here are a few things to think about:
1. Know your audience. The show that we do for college students is different in style, humor, and content than our show for resorts or cruise ships. For instance, does your audience enjoy going to comedy clubs or the ballet? Do they watch Saturday Night Live or the History Channel? Are they willing to participate in the show and get up on stage? Will children be at the event? The more you know about who will be watching the show, the better. Many times entertainers will put in their promotional material who the show is designed for. Pay attention to this. Also don’t be afraid to ask the entertainer for references from an organization that is similar to yours.
2. Know what you want entertainment to accomplish. Does your agenda include the president giving a speech, handing out awards, and giving away prizes? Then perhaps an entertainer who can MC the whole event doing bits in between to keep the whole night flowing is the best choice. If your event is strictly business, then an entertaining speaker with a business message may be the best choice. Think about what you want an entertainer to accomplish for you.
3. Clean vs. Blue Entertainment. We have always had a clean show regardless of the audience that we perform for. We feel it is respectful of our audiences and our clients. But this is not the case for all entertainers. There are some entertainers and some venues that allow “blue” material which is material that contains profanity, crude jokes or other material using graphic sexual or toilet references. If you want to ensure that the entertainer you choose is clean, then ask them about their show. Or watch video clips of their performances to get a feel for their style and language. You can also discuss what your expectations are. If certain topics are off limits, let the performers know. Professional entertainers will ask you questions about your event, the audience, the agenda, so they know what your goals and expectations are.
4. Book in advance. Top quality entertainers get booked at least 6 months in advance. Once you set the date for your event, book the entertainment next. This is to ensure you get the entertainment you want. The longer you wait the less choice you will have.
5. Shop around. Professional entertainers today all have a website and high quality promotional material to include a DVD. Consider several professionals and compare their experience and skills in the event arena. Ask for references. One thing to keep in mind is price. If you are going to hire entertainment, make sure it is allocated in the budget. If you are not sure how much entertainment costs, then call some entertainers to get a feel for the prices out there. Prices vary widely and there is a difference between professional entertainers and amateurs/hobbyists. Professionals make their living performing and they will cost more than an amateur. What do you get when you hire professionals?
  • Years of performing in front of audiences and honing our act.
  • A clean program that won’t embarrass the company.
  • Fully insured.
  • Fully self-contained, bringing a sound system to avoid any technical problems.
  • Work with clients to ensure their needs are met. They do not simply show up, perform, and leave.

6. Make sure the location supports the type of entertainment you want. One sure fire way to ruin entertainment is to have the wrong room set-up for the entertainer you booked. Visual acts such as magicians, ventriloquists, or jugglers must be seen to be enjoyed.

2 Keys to remember:

a. Do not place tables on the sides of the stage. Make sure all tables can see the front of the stage. If you place the audience on the sides of the stage, these people will not see the entertainers; they will either get bored or start talking. You don’t want that!

b. Do not have an open space such as a dance floor right in front of the stage. Fill this area with tables and chairs. Entertainers need an audience to perform to. If there is an open space in front of the stage, they are performing to the open space! If you need a dance floor for your event, place it to the side and have the DJ near there. Don’t worry, people will find the dance floor when the music starts.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Part of an entertainer’s job is to assist you in making your event an astounding success. Entertainers have years of experience to draw from and most will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. All you have to do is ask!

We hope that these tips help you have an enormously successful event! If we can help with any of your upcoming events, please let us know 317-691-6399.