Guest having fun

According to the Indianapolis Star, there are 50 things every Indiana adult should do this summer, from tracking down hidden gems at the Indiana Landmarks Treasure Hunt and sidewalk yard sale to taking a ride in a Yellow Rose Carriage after a long stroll downtown.

Of course our city offers thousands of choices for tourists and Indy natives, for family outings and date nights. Don’t forget, though, to try #51. Get yourself downtown to the Hilton for the Mind Tripping show. Take a load off your feet after all that art and furniture foraging at the Midland Arts & Antiques Market or all that paddle-boating on the White River. Now it’s time to give your minds a workout!

First, though, take time for dinner.  With your Mind Tripping Show tickets come some specials for you to enjoy at the Hilton’s 120 West Bar and Grill or at McCormick and Schmick’s.

OK, now , time to let the mind-tripping begin at the city’s longest running live theatre show, with its very own combination of psychological illusion and comedy, with a full evening of when-your-brain-can’t-believe-your-eyes” entertainment.” Skeptical about “mind-reading”? The most fun master entertainers Christian and Katalina tell me they have is watching the audience when it hits them that they’ve just seen the impossible.

 Are you going places in Indianapolis this summer?  Tourist or Hoosier, whether you get around to all fifty places on the Star’s places-to-go-list or just a few, be sure to add an Indianapolis mind trip with Christian and Katalina to your summer itinerary! 

– by Opti of the Mind Tripping blog team