Over the Indy 500 weekend, it was so much fun performing at the Hilton because of all the interesting people that we met. Two people, Jim and Neil, definitely stand out. Both are involved in a unique electronic music festival called Shambhala.

First, the name is really cool. The history of Shambhala is that it is a mythical place where all the inhabitants are enlightened beings full of happiness, peace, and tranquility. I think that they are really trying to capture the essence of this mythical place. Who wouldn’t want to be in Shambhala? I know I would.

“Shambhala is a celebration of music, art and life.” It is a family run festival. Jim’s family owns the property or as they like to call it “The Farm” on which the festival takes place. The philosophy behind the festival is one of creativity, expression, and fun. A place where individuals can listen to some fantastic electronic music while expressing themselves in an accepting, community and family environment.There are 6 stages and my favorite is called the Fractal Forest.


The festival takes place in Salmo, British Columbia, north of Spokane, Washington. It is a 6 day festival in August with 10,000 people. By the time that I checked the Shambhala website in May, the festival was sold out. I have a feeling that they have a rabid following and they sell out each year very quickly.

Jim and Neil were great guys. It was a unique experience for them to come to Indianapolis for the 500, just as I am sure it would be a unique experience to go to their music festival. I recommend that you check out the website and if you have some time in August next year, to make a road trip. This may the most interesting thing you have done all year…besides coming to the Mind Tripping Show of course.