Great Date night in Indianapolis

We wanted to share a very nice compliment we received from a guest at our show:

The Mind Tripping Show was a fantastic Date Night in Indianapolis for my wife and I.  We were looking around for something to do that wasn’t just the same old thing and then we heard about your show.  It sounded very interesting, a Vegas Style Magic Show right here in town at the beautiful Indianapolis Hilton Hotel.  Its great to see more live theater and art in Indianapolis, something I think would really help raise the profile of the city.

I’m not going to lie, we are pretty picky about live entertainment.  We have been to Vegas, Branson, and New York City, so we wondered if this could compare at all.  What an amazing surprise.  Not only was this a very funny show but the magic was really top rate.  One of the things that really stood out for my wife was that Christian and Katalina show genuine affection for each other on stage.  They make a very positive statement about marriage and love that seems to get overlooked by Hollywood so much these days.

My favorite part was everything.  The magic, the humor, and the intimate style of this theater really makes for a date night you won’t soon forget.  We will definitely be telling our friends about this little gem that exists right in the heart of Indianapolis.

Oscar Zarre

Thank you, Oscar.

Katalina and I just blushed over the high praise from Oscar.  We do enjoy what we do and we hope everyone comes out and enjoys a fantastic date night right here in Indianapolis!