“The explosion of participatory theater — or at least my seeming inability to attend a show that does not include some degree of audience interaction — has set my skin in permanent rash mode,” writes Christopher Borelli in the Chicago Tribune. 

Is what ails him scopophobia, the fear of being watched, he wonders?

At Mind Tripping shows, Christian and Katalina love to incorporate audience participation. At the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites, the small group setting is perfect for getting-to-know-you interaction between the performers and the audience, not to mention among the audience members themselves. In this short video clip, our Mind Tripping Show duo express their thoughts on getting everybody involved in the show.

Still, as our master entertainers know, every so often there’s a Christopher Borelli in the audience, someone who is simply more comfortable watching than participating. No worry, “scopophobics” – it’s just fine with Christian and Katalina if you prefer to remain in the wings, letting other audience members enjoy the spotlight.

At a mind-tripping show, participation is always by choice!


by Opti of the Mind Tripping Show blog team