We get asked all the time if our show is appropriate for children. The answer is yes….if your child is over 13 years old.  We are not kids performers. Our show is designed for adults. Besides having our public theatre show, we work at corporate events, colleges, resorts and private events. The reason that families with older children love our show is because there are a lot of great things to do with children who are in elementary school, but not a lot with children in middle & high school, or college. We offer a unique, fun, interesting, mind blowing experience – that is totally clean. Our show is designed as an intimate Las Vegas Style Lounge show that is perfect for couples celebrating date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, family get togethers and anyone else looking for a night of exciting, live entertainment.

Another reason that Mind Tripping is not for children is that topics in the show include influence, lying, perception, and mind reading. These are psychological concepts that require the ability to comprehend and pay attention. But I know what you are thinking – “My 7 year old is going on 50. He is really bright and understands a lot!” I am sure that he is super smart, but he will have to wait a while longer to come to the show. Don’t worry, we are going strong and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, so when he becomes a teenager, we’d love to see both of you at the show!