Everyone hates Monday.  They are the start of another work week.  You start thinking about deadlines, E-mails, calls to return, and projects to finish. You are already defeated before you begin!

There is a way to embrace the week with excitement.  It is a psychological trigger, or more precisely many psychological triggers designed to change your mood and make you excited to attack the day.

Step One:  Set your alarm with plenty of time to prepare.  When the alarm goes off in the morning, jump out of bed and scream, “Yeah, it’s Monday and we’re going to kick some butt.”  Forcing yourself to get up and roar a positive affirmation begins to change your attitude. YOU  MUST YELL IT OUT LOUD!

Step Two:  Immediately do 10 push-ups and 10 jumping-jacks.  Getting the blood moving and raising the heart rate will hinder your desire to get back in bed.  It will also make you more excited to embrace the day.

Step Three:  Have your coffee or breakfast premade.  Do what you can the night before to have your food ready to go.  It will feel like you gave yourself a treat and it cuts down on the things you have to do before you leave for work.

Step Four:  Choose and lay your clothes out the night before.  No one wants to make decisions in the morning when we feel rushed or sluggish.  Having everything ready for you when you wake up makes you feel like the world in on your side.

Step Five:  Stop and get donuts for your coworkers or anything that will surprise them and put a smile on their face.  People will cheer your arrival when you show up with donuts and that just makes the day even better.

Much of the time we put ourselves in a bad mood through our own thinking.  By changing our habits we can change our moods.