Mind Tripping Tech of the Future. If you have ever travelled to a foreign country, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t speak the language. You ask yourself “where is that universal translator that Star Trek lured us into believing was possible?” Well it is here. The future is now.

Waverly Labs has developed The Pilot – a set of earpieces that each person wears. You speak and it translates into the other person’s language and vice versa. As of fall of 2017, it can translate 15 languages. That is amazing.

When Christian and I were in Japan in 2013, our iPad and google translate were lifesavers. We used it to communicate with this gentleman when we were touring a museum and had questions about Japanese history. It was clunky and only in written form, but still we were able to communicate. We thought this piece of technology was amazing.

But as you can see this is only the beginning. I am looking forward to when Christian and I are in Hungary and he can have a conversation with my relatives.