World Championships of MagicEven as you’re reading this Mind Tripping blog post, our very own Midwest master entertainers Christian and Katalina are in Rimini, Italy, competing in the World Championships of Magic.

Every three years, I learned, the Federation International des Societes Magiques ( or FISM) organizes this “Olympic”- level event. More than 3,000 magicians from across the globe, representing FISM North America, FISM Asia, and FISM Europe, come together for the big event; only 150 of those attendees have qualified to compete in one of three categories: stage magic, stage illusions, and close-up magic.

Christian and Katalina, who are competing in the Mental Magic category for Stage, qualified last summer at a convention held in St. Louis, Missouri. Our Mind Tripping duo will have just ten short minutes to present their competition piece (which has been in the making for more than  two years!).

Their task will be particularly challenging, Christian explained. The act must not only ‘fool” the audience in a fun and entertaining manner, but must be based on a premise or reason that is believable in the context of the “trick”.  And, of course, this ten minute piece will be performed not before a “normal” audience, but before an audience comprised of people who have been performing and studying magic all their lives!

“We do look forward to having fun with our friends, literally at the center of the world of magic,” Christian concluded as I wished them God speed and good luck.
– by Opti of the Mind Tripping blog team