This is simple and fast.  I want you to name three days of the week.  Quickly, do it out loud.

I bet you named three consecutive days.  OK, lets do it a little differently.  Name three days, out loud, that aren’t consecutive.

I bet that was a little more difficult, but overall pretty simple.  You just had to take a moment and think.It wasn’t automatic like the first question. Now, comes the real challenge.  Ready?

Name three consecutive days without using Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

days of week

This is my guess.  You quickly looked at the days of the week and realized that you could not answer the question in a conventional manner.You looked over the weekend days a couple of times…no, that doesn’t work. Then you thought, “This isn’t possible.”  But, they wouldn’t ask this question unless there is some kind of answer.

Some kind of answer means . . . unconventional.  I must think outside the box.

Since the answer is not weekday names, how else would I define or say… a day? Thinking, thinking, thinking, scrolling up to read the question again, verifying how it is asked.

Got it? Here it is:

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Sometimes finding the answer means thinking in new ways.  Companies and businesses are always trying to innovate.These are the types of exercises that they give to their creative people.  Think along new lines of thought opens up new possibilities. Keep thinking, expanding, and exploring.  Have a fantastic today and a better tomorrow.

Here is a great article about qualities, beliefs, and actions of an out of the box thinker: “Creative Genius Mindset”