As you know, one of the things that we talk about in the Mind Tripping Show is how our eyes play tricks on our mind. So when we find something really cool that does this, we like to share it. And people are very clever in making this happen. Click on the image above to play this video. It is worth watching.

2. But it is not just our eyes that can deceive us. There was a study that was done to see if background music had any impact on the purchase of certain types of wine. One day German music would be played, the next French music. Did sales of German wines goes up if the German music was played? The answer was yes. When German music was playing,  more people would buy German wine. If there was French music playing, more French wine was sold. The researchers asked the customers who purchased wine if they remember any music playing in the background. Most people did not hear the music or could not remember what it was. If music can influence us this dramatically, what can images or smells do?

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