Are you having a party and you want to have a great opening?  Here is a perfect little Mind Trip for your guests.

Gather them all around the table.  On the table you have a empty paper bag that is folded flat, an empty bowl,  and a bowl of oranges.

Bag and Oranges

You tell them that before the party you were in a rush and you had to hurry up and purchase some items at the store.

As you say this, open the folded up paper bag.
I knew I was going to pick up some things to eat like oranges and some other things but then my I-phone went off.

As you say this, you place an orange in the bag.

Then I got a text that I had to answer.

Place another orange in the bag.

Then I got an important Email that I had to respond to.

Place another orange in the bag.

Finally, I know I was running late, so I grabbed one more item and took off.

Place one last orange in the bag.

When I got home I realized that I had to put everything out quickly.

You take out an orange out of the bag and place it in the empty bowl.

Of course, I know not everyone wants oranges, so I got an apple as well.

You take an apple out of the bag and place it in the bowl with the orange.

For a good party, variety is important.

You take a handful of strawberries out of the bag and put them in the bowl.

And just in case someone complains about my cooking . . .

You take a small bottle of antacid out of the bag.  You crumple up the bag and serve your fruit.

Pretty Cool… and a visual Mind Blower.

Here’s how it works…. Some of your Oranges are hollow.  Shock!

Hollow out an orange like this:

Step one

It should look like this when you are done.

Step two

You can now place an apple, a lemon, one of those small pocket sized bottles of antacid, some strawberries, or any bizarre item that comes to mind.

You don’t need the tops of the oranges.  You can throw them away.

Place some real oranges in the bowl.  Then place your three “Loaded” oranges so they cannot see the openings.  And them place a couple of real oranges on top of them.  This will look very natural.  Just don’t accidentally turn the bowl around.

I will generally place a loaded orange in the bag first.  They are not really paying attention just yet.  For the second orange, I will use a real orange.  I might even toss it in the air so they can see all the sides.  By this time the audience is a little bored.  They are thinking . .  OK, he’s putting oranges in a bag.  Finally, you place that last two “loaded” oranges in the bag.

The first thing out is another orange….boring!  But, this is where you want them because when you pull the apple out, they will gasp.  What just happened.  Then you will pull other non-orange items out and their mouths will be agape.   When all that is left in the paper bag is the empty orange peels, crumple up the bag and throw it behind the counter.

You’re amazing!