Get ready to be a little shocked today.  Look at the following Photo:

Egypt 1

This set of hieroglyphics is located in the Temple of Osiris located at Abydos, Egypt.  What makes this interesting is the depiction of what looks like a modern day helicopter.  Notice this carving near the upper left portion of the hieroglyphics.  Does it really look like a modern day helicopter?  Also, notice the large insect that is on the very left edge of the picture.  The way that type of insect would fly would be very much like how a helicopter flies.  Coincidence?


On the left is the relief on the wall at the Temple of Osiris, to the left a Black Hawk Helicopter.  I think most children would say that the carving on the left is a helicopter.  Without a doubt.  But, it can’t be, right?  These carvings were made around 5000 years ago.  OK, maybe that is just a misrepresentation of something else.  Let’s look again.  I can also see a few other things that look like an airplane, a dirigible and a vehicle that looks like it was out of a Star Wars movie.

Comparison 2

OK, I know you’re not sold yet..but wait…let’s go to another part of the ancient world.  In South America from the first century to about the 10th century there was a civilization known as the Quimbaya.  They have been known through archeology for their magnificent work in gold.  They were masters of it.  They would make all kinds of things out of gold.  Golden Statuettes of people, fish, insects, animals and the like.  What gets them an inclusion in this article is the following gold work:


Many of these types of gold reliefs have been discovered.  It is easy to notice that they look very much like Jet airplanes.  There are many variations to this theme.  Some archeologists argue that they are simply birds and the Quimbaya took some artistic liberties.  However, others argue that there are too many coincidences that bother them.  The fact that the wings are on the underside of the fuselage unlike an organic animal and much more like a modern jet.  Also the orientation of the stabilizer tail.  It is vertical like a plane, not horizontal like an organic life form.  Also, does that one spot near the front look like a cockpit for a pilot?

One more Quimbaya artifact to marvel over and wonder…what were they making when they created this beautiful piece of art?