After performing this bit of Mind Tripping, your friends will believe you have super powers!  You tell them that you are starting your new career as a gambler.  The first test you must master is the heads or tails game.   But, not just any flip of the coin.  Oh no, it must be very, very difficult.  You will demonstrate.  You tell them that you will be able to tell if a coin is heads or tails.  Any bets?  I’ll give you 5 to 1 odds.

Ask your friend to take out a handful of change and toss it on the table.

You run you hands over the change . . . you look at a couple of dates on the coins . . . and you announce:  I have become one with the moment.  The coins and I are one.  You turn around so that you can’t see the change.

Give the following instructions to your friend:

1. I want you to turn over a small value coin.

2. I want you to turn over a large value coin.

3. I want you to turn over a coin of your choice.

4. Turn over another small value coin.

5. Now, turn over two coins . . . they can be coins you have already turned over.

6. Please, place your hand over one of the coins.

When you turn around you will place your hand on top of theirs.  Mutter some incantations under your breath and announce that the coin is Heads up!  When they raise up their hand, they find you are correct.  Confetti is shot into the air, Champagne bottles are uncorked all around, and you are deemed a living legend.

OK…so how are you able to perform this mini-miracle?

When your friend tosses the coins on the table, count the number of heads up coins you see.  Make sure it is an even number.  If it is not, pick up one of the coins and read the date.  Then place it back down to make the count of heads up coins even.

Then follow the instructions written above.  You will notice that the total number of coins they turn over is an even amount.  This is the mathematical key.  Don’t make the mistake of having them turn over an odd number of coins, as that will cause you to fail.

Once they cover up one of the coins with their hand you are ready. When you turn around you will count the number of heads up coins that you see.  If it is an odd number of heads up coins, the coin under their hand will be heads.  If it is an even number the coin will be tails.  Isn’t math grand!

Hope you have fun with this one and I expect 20% of all the winnings you make sent to the Mind Tripping Show!