Sometimes when you walk into a room you see something that just does not look right. You end up doing a double take to try and comprehend what you have just seen.

Sometimes because things happen so fast you never know what happened or what you just saw that looked odd.  Other times it is caught on camera for us to enjoy.  Did you look at the above picture twice? Maybe three times. It is a very Mind Tripping picture: it looks as if it is a women’s head on a guy’s body. That’s why it doesn’t look right and you have to look again. It takes your eyes a while to adjust  until you say to yourself “Wait a minute…she really doesn’t have to shave her legs”.


I agree with you – shouldn’t he put some pants on? Wait..look at the feet. Who is not wearing the pants now? It takes a moment to separate the two bodies.

And Finally:

Someone has mastered the art of levitation.  Wait….what!

Sometimes being at that right angle, at the right moment, with the right look….can create…a mind trip.