The mind is constantly running and taking in information, even when you aren’t aware of it.  This has been shown to be true when people are put under hypnosis and asked to recall details that they couldn’t remember before being put under.  Accessing these details is the difficult part.  Here is a little test/question that will somewhat prove or at least be a little fun when you realize how true it is.  Are you ready?

If you get inside of an elevator and there is one other person in there with you, what is the one thing I know you will remember about them?

Think about it now…don’t scroll for the answer just yet.

Are you ready for the answer?  OK here it is.  You’ll remember their GENDER.

There are all kinds of reasons for this, but to keep it simple, gender is the biggest human discriminator.  When we start to evaluate someone, we begin with their gender.  We then make assumptions based off of that first evaluation, much like a logic tree.  Think along the lines of  gender, race, age, beauty, body type, clothing, social status, wealth,  and  on and on.  Studies have shown that if you introduce someone who’s gender is hidden or unclear, (Think Pat from the old Saturday Night Live sketches) people do not know how to react or interact with that person comfortably until their gender is established.

Our social interaction is based off of having certain knowledge of the person we are talking to, gender being at the top of the list.  It has been shown time and time again that even when people converse in on-line in chat rooms, the first defining question asked is one of gender.  Most times, even without realizing it, your mind will ascertain the gender of the person you were on the elevator with, even though you did not interact at all.  This happens even if you weren’t paying attention, like if you were texting on your cell phone.

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