This is an outstanding Mind Trip that will baffle your friends and reduce their minds to ashes.

Have one of your friends loan you a dollar bill. They watch as you fold the dollar up into a small square.

A lot of people try to get ahead in life by gambling their money. This is not a very good thing. To prove it let me ask you a question. How many people do you personally know that have hit the lottery and quit working? (they will say none) That many!

The real secret to making money is hard work, or what my father called Elbow Grease.

At this point you will rub the folded up dollar on your elbow.

Oh, it takes a lot of Elbow Grease to make even a little money.

You then rub the dollar on the other elbow.

Once you are done, you pause and open your hand and show that there are now two dollar in your hand. Give them back the one you borrowed and pocket the other one.

Thanks for helping me make money.

The Secret:

You will secretly have a folded up bill in the back collar of your shirt.

Figure 1

When you borrow the dollar from your friend, fold it so it looks like the one you have placed in the collar of your shirt.

Figure 2As you explain the part about elbow grease, you rub the dollar on your elbow.  Since you have your arm bent to rub your elbow, your other hand will be right by your neck.  See where this is going?  You simply pluck the bill from behind your neck.

Figure 3They will be watching you rub the dollar on your elbow and won’t notice you taking the bill from behind your neck.  When you go to rub the other elbow, you will simply place that bill on top of the other bill.  Make this one flowing action.  Don’t try to be sneaky, they have no idea what you are doing.  Then rub the double bill on your other elbow.  Once done, place the fingers of your right hand on one bill and the fingers of your left hand on the other bill and act like you are pulling them apart.  That makes it look very believable.

Then give them back their bill and pocket yours.  They will stand there open mouthed.  Thank them for helping you make money and then walk away.

Have fun with this one….I do.