Whenever you make a bet with someone, make sure you understand exactly what the rules are.  Of course, we have learned from previous mind trips that it is very easy to skew your assumptions and perceptions.

There is an old saying that gamblers are fond of:  “Never bet on another man’s game.”

The following Mind Trips will make this statement crystal clear to you.

I love Candy

“I will bet you ten dollars that I can make you say the word ‘money’.  I will ask you three questions and with each questions you will have two choices from which you must choose an answer.  Only one of the choices will be the word ‘Money”.  We’ll both put ten dollars on the table for the bet. Remember, if you say the word ‘money’ I win your ten dollars. Here is a sample question: “Would you call this money or cash?”

He will reply, “Cash”.

“Great, see how easy it is.  Now the three questions to trip you up.  Here we go.”

You take out a candy bar from your pocket.


Butterfinger“Which taste’s better, this candy or that money?. . . . . Candy”.

“Which has more chocolate, this candy or that money?  . . . . Candy”.

“You can only walk away from this test with one item which one do you want, this candy or that money?” . . . . oh-oh. Don’t you just love catch 22s?

Them Shoes

While Katalina and I were performing in New Orleans, we took a break to enjoy Bourbon Street.  While enjoying the sights and sounds of this famous area we were approached by a young man who wanted to make a twenty dollar bet.  Standing back he took a long look at us and then paused.  “Yep, I know where you got them shoes, Ma’am!”  He smiled broadly after making this wild boast.

Katalina and I laughed, but I was intrigued.  We knew it was a con of some sort but I was curious.  So I asked, “So, you know where we got those shoes?”  I pointed at the shoes Katalina was wearing to make quite certain we were talking about the same thing.  I thought quickly back to where my wife purchased those shoes and remembered a quaint shoe boutique somewhere in Pennsylvania.red-shoe

With a bright smile that could light up a small town, he said, “Yes, those beautiful red shoes that look so fantastic on your wife.  I know where you got them right down to the name of the town and the street.”

Well, now, he complimented my wife’s good taste and presented an intriguing gamble.  Twenty dollars was a little high for this particular con but I did pull out a dollar and presented it do him.  ” How about playing for a dollar?”

“Money is money!” he replied, “I treat all money the same.”   He took my money, stepped back look at my wife’s shoes and said, “You got them shoes on your feet, right here in New Orleans, on Bourbon Street”.

Katalina and I both laughed at his clever twist of words and it was worth the dollar to play this clever little game.  And look…here it is, years later in the Mind Trip of the Week.