It is said that some people can feel color just by touch. To try and see if this is something you can do, get a few different sheets of colored paper. I would start with only a few. Put them somewhere where you can’t see them and just by feeling them, see if you can identify the color. I have read that some people say different colors make them feel different. Give us your feedback on whether or not you can do this. If you are a fan of comic books, then you may already know that the Marvel Superhero Daredevil could determine color using his hands that had gloves on them.

Now of course there are skeptics who do not believe that this is possible. And if you would like to change their perception and show them that it might be possible, we have a fun mind trip for you to do.

This will create a look of astonishment on the faces of your friends.


astonishmentExplain to your friends that you have been working on reading minds.  Oh, its not easy.  I can’t do it all the time and my powers are limited at the moment.  However, I would like to try an experiment with you.  I have been practicing reading colors, simple colors.  You see each color creates a different feeling.   Reds are hot.  The color red makes my temperature rise and my heart rate increase.  Blues are different.  When I sense a blue color, I feel relaxed like I am lying on an air mattress floating in a Caribbean lagoon.  I know you are skeptical so lets try this.

You hand them four crayons, a yellow, blue, green, and red one.  Ask them to try and feel the colors.  “Do you feel anything?  I didn’t think so.  It takes lots of practice.  Here’s what I want you to do:4 crayons

Under the table I want you to hand me one of the crayons.  Don’t tell me which one.  I will feel it and then look in your eyes and see if I can read your thoughts.”

He will hand you the crayon under the table.  You then immediately hand it back.  Sit back in your chair.  Gaze into his eyes… then make some wild motions with your hands in the air and state . . . “you are thinking of the color . . .  YELLOW!”

I know…how is this possible?  What twists of science and destiny make this possible?  Well, read on and I will share this little mind trip with you.

You will need only four crayons.  I suggest red, blue, green, and yellow.  It is best to do this sitting at a table, because all the “action” happens under the table.  You will have your friend hand you the crayon under the table.Crayon under the table copy


You tell them this helps you sense the color.  Actually, what you are doing is digging into the crayon with your thumbnail.  This will leave a little bit of the crayon underneath your nail.  As soon as you do this you hand them back the crayon.  You now sit back and look them in the eyes.  Pull you hands from under the table and wave them at your friend as if you are getting his mental thoughts.  Keep the palms of your hands up in the air facing him so that you can see your thumbnail.  Look at the color but not make it obvious that you are staring at your thumb.  Then put your hands down.  Take a long breath and tell them the color they are thinking of.

There is a rule to follow on this sort of thing and that is . . . only do this once.  If you repeat it they will be watching you much more closely and they might be able to figure out what you are doing.  So only do it once.  If they ask you again, simply state that you need to mentally recharge…and that could take days.

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