This Mind Trip is something that you are probably very familiar with, but never knew the name and why it is so interesting.

Mobius_Strip_IIThis is a beautiful picture by the world famous artist M. C. Escher depicting a very fascinating object that has some very strange properties.

As you can see, the object has only one surface and one edge.  The ants will move around the object covering the entire object in a continuous loop. It has no inside or outside. This object is called a Mobius Strip.

It was discovered by two scientists independently in 1858, one of which August Ferdinand Mobius, is whose name is attached to this phenomenon. The picture on the right is what it looks like with a regular object, in this case paper.

What you can do with a Mobius Strip is really really cool. This is something that you can try on friends and family and they will be totally shocked.  To perform this effect, we thought that it was better to show you in a video rather than explain it with words and pictures.mobius

For more information on practical applications for the Mobius Strip in a variety of fields visit http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/M/Mobius_band.html