Are you ready to have some fun with your friends and trip them out?

I  thought so.

Have one of your friends join you and point to a closed Paper Bag sitting on the desk.

paper bag

Here is what you will tell them: “For the moment this paper sack contains a mystery.  Today the planets are aligned in a synergistic cosmic rotation.  The magnetic forces of the earth are in a stable quantum flux, and today the solar activity is in a quiescent lateral mediocrity.  These three forces have come together to create this moment in the space time continuum.  Do you know what this means???   It means that at this very moment the forces of coincidence cannot be denied.

I want you to imagine that you are hold two dice in your hands. They represent random chance . Now throw them on the desk.”


pair+of+diceAsk your friend “what number do you see?”  They tell you 9.  Keep the story going by saying : “Because the three forces of nature have come to create this moment.  I want you to multiple your number by 3.” 9 times 3 = 27

“Now I want you to add 3 to the number.” 27 plus 3 = 30

“Now for the final variable.  Another variable of pure chance.  We will need a pen to complete our calculations.  Open that desk drawer and see if there is a pen.”

Your friend opens the desk drawer and tells you that there is indeed a pen there.  Then ask him how many pens are in the drawer.  He says three.

“Great, that will be your final variable. Multiply your last number, in this case 30, by 3.” 30 times 3 = 90

So his equation will be:  9 times 3 = 27     27 plus 3 = 30    and  30 times 3 = 90.

“Now add all the digits of your number to come to one final single digit number.”  9 plus 0 = 9  “Nine is your final number.”  “Look under the paper bag sitting on the desk.  There is a small index card with the following information written on it:

1:  Water              2: Tea              3: Coke              4: Pepsi              5: Rootbeer             6: Orange Soda        7: Sprite        8:Cranberry Juice      9: Mountain Dew

“What was the final number we came to? What soda is next to that number?”  He tells you that mountain dew matches his number.

“Please open the paper bag.” He opens the paper sack and inside is a can of Mountain Dew Soda.

The DewHe is stunned.  He calls the local papers and they are stunned.  The story is picked up by the news and you are given the key to the city.  Well, maybe not, but the look on your friend’s face will be well worth it.

Here is how it works:

The Equation:  Any number on the dice (2-12) when multiplied by three, then have three added to it, then multiplied by three again, will have digits that always total 9.  It’s a mathematical quirk.

There are 2 small bits of preparation that you must make prior to doing this Mind Trip. 1. You must ensure that there are only 3 pens in the desk. Pens are a natural thing to have in or on a desk, so no one will not know that you have done this prior to them coming over to take part in the experiment. 2. You must write out the list of sodas that is under the bag. You must ensure that whatever soda you place in the bag is the soda you have written next to the number nine position.

On a side note, you could also use candy bars, office objects, or any thing small enough to fit in a paper sack.

Don’t forget, you can only do this once per person in a group because the number always comes out to nine.

Now go forth and have fun.