We talk about our memories in The Mind Tripping Show, so we thought you would enjoy these 2 bizarre quirks of our memories:

Have you ever found yourself in a room and could not remember why you were there?

You are not alone. It has happened to most of us and no you are not going crazy.  Scientists have found out that a doorway is an event boundary in our minds. When we walk through a doorway, it triggers our mind to “purge your memory because whatever happened in the old room is likely to become less relevant now that you have changed venues” (Scientific American). Read more here.

You can’t have a memory before the age of 2

New research suggests that if you do, it is probably a false memory. Before the age of 9 months, the brain is preverbal and the frontal lobe is not developed enough to form memories.  “Researchers have learned that the area of the brain thought to play a key role in encoding long-term memory matures in spurts. A major spurt happens after a person’s first year and then takes a second year to fully mature.” (ABC News)

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