Mind Tripping fun to try at home!

What you will need: 6 shot glasses total. 3 will be empty and 3 will be filled with your favorite beverage.

Instructions: To start, lay out 6 shot glasses in a row. The first three in line will be full and the second three will be empty. (See picture below)

Challenge that one friend who owes you some money with the following problem.   They must figure out a way to get the shot glasses in an alternating order: full, empty, full, etc. (See picture below)

THERE IS ONE RULE: They must do this by only moving one glass.

 If they figure out this problem they get to keep the drinks but if you have to show them how it works then they pay for the drinks.

Now once they are totally stumped, all you do is take the 2nd shot glass and pour it into the 5th shot glass.   (See picture below) And . . . just like that you have blown someone’s mind.

The Psychology

As humans we tend to be very curious. We love challenges, puzzles, and bar bets. Most bar bets like the one above have a degree of cleverness that we all enjoy. We don’t mind paying for the knowledge as long as we have a little fun and the answer is witty.

When you perform this for your friends, make it fun. Don’t play this as if you are so much smarter than everyone else. No one likes a know-it-all. Set this up as an entertaining puzzle. You might even move the glasses around a little, as this will lead them away from the actual answer.

Have fun with this and tell us how many drinks you got for free!