Talking with guests after the showAs she was being seated at the Indianapolis Repertory Theater    one evening a few years back, real estate entrepreneur Linda Cohen was sure she recognized the couple sitting next to her. Turned out her fellow theater-goers were none other than Christian and Katalina, the performers Linda had so enjoyed at a Fringe Festival event years earlier.

Delighted to learn that the Mind-Tripping duo performs regularly at the downtown Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites, Linda resolved to celebrate her upcoming birthday by inviting a dozen or so of her relatives and friends to share an evening of dining and entertainment.

The reaction? Well…initially there wasn’t much “buy-in” to Linda’s plan. She was getting a lot of “It’s not my thing…” and “Illusionists? I don’t know…” responses. But, recalling the Mind-Tripping duo’s highly entertaining mix of laughter and mind reading, Linda persisted with her birthday arrangements.

That evening was just the first of three visits. Once her guests had experienced the Mind-Tripping show, Linda was being showered with compliments for thinking of it: “Oh, Linda! You find the BEST things to do!”  In fact, one guest is now planning to invite Christian and Katalina to entertain at her own employer’s annual get-together.

“Christian and Katalina remind me of two members of the Addams family,” Linda observes, recalling the dry wit and the way the two interact with each other and with the audience. She remembers that, at one of the shows, there was a preteen guest who obviously wanted to be anywhere but with his parents at some “magic show”.  But, by the time Mind-Tripping was underway, that young man was big-time “into” the fun.

Linda Cohen was delighted to learn that C&K have a new show in the works. Once that show is announced, Linda’s not sure she’ll wait for a birthday to come around; after all, she figures, a new Mind-Tripping show is reason enough to celebrate!

– interview conducted by Opti of the Mind Tripping Show blog team