National journalists have proclaimed Indy one of the most walkable downtowns in the country.  According to visitindy.com, visitors can reach hundreds of restaurants and attractions on foot from their hotel and meeting space using our “expansive network of climate-controlled skywalks”.  That means one way to get to Indianapolis’ longest-running live entertainment show is simply – hoofing it!

How about getting there via gondola? No, seriously, think about starting date night with a romantic gondola ride on the Canal, followed by dinner.  Then, you can join Christian and Katalina for a mind-tripping culmination of your wonderful day.

Prefer to drive? Downtown, it’s easy to find parking within close proximity of any destination, explains Downtown Indy – there are actually 73,000 parking spaces! No need to worry about parking, though, when you attend a Mind Tripping Show – self-parking is free in the Hilton Garage, and valet parking is available for a small fee.

Peddle to see the show. Away.com named Indianapolis one of the best cities to see from a bicycle, “thanks to the city’s flat landscape, innovative Indianapolis Cultural Trail, and abundance of bike paths.” You might want to check out the Pacers Bike Share Program, ending the ride at the downtown Hilton in time for dinner and mind-tripping fun.

Many Mind Tripping visitors arrive in downtown Indy from other parts of the country, finding their way from the airport or train station via limo or taxi. What a pleasure for them to end their long trek with the fun and mystification of the #1 comedy mind-reading act in the country!

No doubt about it – whether for date niters or out of town visitors, Indianapolis has got great mind-tripping entertainment to offer. 

The only question is: How will you get there? Let us know!

– by Opti of the Mind Tripping blog team