Scientists in Brazil have found a useful way to help treat 2nd or 3rd degree burn patients using fish skin.  They have started using sterilized skin from the tilapia fish.  The tilapia fish is a fresh water fish that happens to be quite abundant in Brazil. (Business Insider)

Burn patients are usually bandaged with gauze and silver sulfadiazine cream. That puts them in extreme pain when the bandage has to be changed each day to keep the wound clean. Fortunately, when the fish skin is applied, it goes on it does not come off until the burn has healed. The fish skin speeds up the healing process while also reducing the use of pain medication. It provides more moisture for the burn and allows the transfer of collagen, a protein that promotes healing. (PBS)

“The use of tilapia skin on burns is unprecedented,” said Odorico de Morais, a professor at Ceara University. “The fish skin is usually thrown away, so we are using this product to convert it into something of social benefit.” (Reuters)