Do you realize that we can never keep our eyes really still? In fact, part of what makes an optical illusion happen is the rapid, often imperceptible movements of our eyes.

It’s actually that part of our inner ear that senses movement and position (the labyrinth) and which helps control eye movements.

The illusion shown here is called “out of focus”, because it’s our eye movement, explains vision scientist Michael Bach, that is making the central disc seem separate from the square background.

(When I first saw this, I could hardly believe I was looking at a flat, two dimensional computer screen!) Try staring at the center portion of the picture and then looking back at the entire thing.

Out of focus optical illusion
Here at the Mind Tripping Show, we’re fascinated by all the ways our Married 2 Magic couple, Christian and Katalina, keep the audience’s eyes – and minds – constantly on the move.

Funny, how often it happens: Looking for something fun to do in downtown Indianapolis, audience members arrive for a show expecting one kind of effect and finding something new and unexpected.

At a Mind Tripping show, you can expect to “see”:

  •  Mind reading
  •  Influence
  •  Perception
  •  Lying…

In other words, people, our topic is us. People.

It’s absolutely “mind tripping”, those startled and delighted audience members later report to friends and colleagues, the way Christian and Katalina’s comedy with the psychological twist opened their minds to things that seem impossible.

Is there stuff going on all around you which you simply haven’t been seeing and hearing? Hmmm……
– by O.P. of the Mind Tripping blog team