Most of you know that we, Christian & Katalina are both Veterans of the United States Army. When asked to perform for our troops overseas, we were delighted and jumped at the opportunity.

Performing for our troops

So here we are in Kuwait not too far from Iraq. We were performing with two other magicians Jason Michaels and Michael Finney. It was a thrill to be able to see our soldiers laughing and having fun – even for just a short time – as it is difficult being deployed away from home and family.

Camp Beuhring Kuwait theater audience showTroops in Iraq

We never forgot and were often reminded that our soldiers are in harms way and some may not make it back home.

Some units deployed are living in tents…in 125 degree weather. With nothing but sand all around them. Conditions are not easy.

Iraq living conditions

Look at us wearing this body armor. We know we look ridiculous, but we always felt safe. The military took great care of us.

wearing body armor

One of the highlights was visiting with units and getting unit briefs on what they do. It was an honor be to back with soldiers and airmen, marines and sailors. Their professionalism and their pride was extremely moving and motivating.

Apache helicopter

Christian is getting his Apache helicopter brief above and I am getting my Osprey brief from this hard charging marine below.

Marine osprey

One of the things you would see at all the bases was great wall art from each unit. One of our favorites is below.

military unit wall art

We have to give a big thank you to Aaron our main point of contact in Kuwait. He was fabulous and we learned a lot from him and his team.

And as a last note, see the shoes that Katalina is wearing? They did not last 2 days in the heat. The glue melted and they came apart.